Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tapestry Clutch DIY

Remember that tapestry clutch purse I styled last week? Here's how I made it! Basically, I found a needlepoint place mat at a thrift store, folded it in thirds end to end to create an envelop shape, and sewed some vintage lace down the sides to make it a little bigger so I could actually get my stuff inside.

needlepoint place mat
hook and eye closure
needle & thread
straight pins
2 jewelry jump rings (optional)
purse strap (optional)

1. Cut and pin lace onto place mat where needed, probably in a wedge shape. 2. Stitch lace in place. I used really random stitching and made sure to stitch through the thicker parts of the lace. 3. If you would like your purse to have a strap, stitch on metal jump rings, one on either side, near the flap opening. 4. Stitch on hook and eye closure, hook under the flap and loop on the front of the purse. Clip on your strap if you're adding one, and you're good to go! You can always take the strap off if you want to use it has a clutch.

Now you have a cute (and borderline tacky) new hand bag! In case you don't believe me that these things are actually on trend right now, here's proof. Plus Free People makes one. So there. :)

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  1. Oh I like it! (Yes, borderline tacky but...) Really cute. This pattern reminds me of a floral and lace comforter my grandmother bought me as a little girl. They say nostalgia is on of the most powerful emotions!

  2. this is amazing! i must try this! thanks love :)