Saturday, June 2, 2012

Decoupage Flask

For her birthday last week, I made this customized flask (complete with initials!) for one of my best friends, Maddy. She just received it in the mail in Austin, Texas, and she loves it!

blank stainless steel flask
soft measuring tape
paper cutter/scissors
magazine pages/craft paper
Modge Podge
paint brush
exacto knife
polyurethane sealer

1. Measure the surface of the flask with a soft measuring tape. 2. Measure out a piece of paper (craft paper, magazine page, wrapping paper, whatever you want!) to be the base layer on the flask. 3. Cut out base layer and fun pieces to collage over the top. 4. Lay out a rough design before anything becomes too permanent. 5. Paint Modge Podge straight onto the flask and wrap base layer around flask. Start at one end, work slowly, and smooth out wrinkles as you go. Let this dry at least partially before moving on. 6. Modge Podge collage over the top of the base layer. You can paint directly on the base layer, or paint the back of the piece to be added to the collage. You may want to let it sit and dry for a few minutes at different stages of the collage (like do the front first, and then the back).  7. Paint a thin, even layer of Modge Podge over the top of the entire collage with uniform brushstrokes  all going in the same direction. Let dry. 8. Use an exacto knife to clean up edges if necessary. 9. To waterproof the flask, use a polyurethane sealer as directed and let dry. Mine smelled a lot after using the sealer, so I let it sit outside overnight in a dry, covered area to air out.

Your flask is ready for use! To clean, rinse it out but do not put it in the dishwasher.


  1. Love it! How did you get your modge podge on the top coat without any streaks?