Thursday, December 6, 2012


Vintage Sweatshirt- Red Light
Lace skirt- 3 Monkeys
Necklace- LuLu
Vintage Boots- Bombshell Vintage
Vintage Clutch- Pop Up Shoppe

Okay, here it is: my take on Sweatshirt Chic. Graphic sweatshirt: check. Lace: check. A touch of glitter and glam: check. I went for the long pearly necklace over a short statement piece because, you know, that's more my thing. I like how I adapted the trend to fit my style. How did I do? 

Also, in case you were wondering, no, I was never a Girl Scout. I'm just a wannabe hipster poser. Wait, does it count if I eat the cookies like a mad woman? Probably not. What about the badges I awarded myself? One for listening to a trendy Brooklyn band that was popular for a minute in 2008 (the Virgins), and one for my first job in retail? No? Okay, fine. But I'm still going to pretend. And I'm definitely buying more cookies.

P.S. The Girl Scout website informed me that cookie season begins in exactly 37 days

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