Monday, November 5, 2012

Mix & Match

Dress- Ruby Rox c/o 3 Monkeys
Fringe sweater- Silvergate
Cowboy boots- Vintage Justins
Necklaces- Vintage

November is a slow time in retail, which means less hours for me at work, which means less monies, which means less spending and shopping. Unfortunately, since I work in retail, I am shopping constantly–I can't help it! But my motto for this month is, "work with what you have," and when it comes to my closet that means mix and match. Kendi has a method of "shopping your closet" that I love, so I took some inspiration and decided to pull out all my fun tights and leggings that I hardly ever wear and mix and match all of them with my favorite dresses and skirts. I came up with some new looks to make me feel fresh, appreciate what I have, and stop me from buying anything new right now. 

The good news is, sometimes I get free stuff, like this dress. And so you have the first installment of my mix and match project for those on a budget, featuring a free dress and some old tights. Hooray!

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