Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doug & Patti

Here we are: Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise from my favorite childhood TV show, Nickelodeon's Doug. I watched that show every night at seven while eating a burrito (that's all I ate), and I've probably seen each episode at least three times. Such a wholesome cartoon.

Sorry the pictures are a bit yellow, the lighting in the house was not ideal. But the party was great– a couple of my friends live in this house next to an old church, and the house was once home to a bunch of crazies the church took in. The basement is SO creepy as it is, and for Halloween they made it even creepier. I think Doug and Patti are a little too wholesome to be hanging around an old house for the mentally insane, but whatevs.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and played dress up at least once!


  1. Best. Costumes. Ever. My husband and I grew up with those shows, too and we still love them! :) I could totally tell who ya'll were, so that's always a plus! :D