Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is one of my favorite images... It makes me want to be an old lady witch drinking tea with my friends. 

We've been dressing up at work every day since Saturday, and it's been so much fun! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but trust me when I say I've had some fantastic costumes: Holly Golightly, dripping with rhinestones; a period correct 1920's flapper; Pebbles Flintstone, bones and all; Madonna, cerca Desperately Seeking Susan; and today I am a pumpkin fairy! Brian and I are going to a costume party tonight, and I promise to take pictures to share with you.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Full Moon!

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  1. Happy Halloween to you too! I don't remember where I've seen this photo before but I love love love it too. Let's be old lady witches together?