Friday, August 10, 2012


Mint Green skirt; TerraNova denim shirt; Wet Seal top;
vintage Justins boots; Calico Jewelry necklace

Language is very telling of culture and what is prevalent. When I was living in Ecuador, I was often offered tomato juice. I am not a fan of the tomato juice we drink in the states, so I declined the juice and watched others drink it up until finally it was explained to me that this juice was not made from the tomato used in salads and salsa and whatnot, but was a different fruit entirely. This tomato produces juice that tastes like POG and flavors popsicles and candies and other delicious treats. It's like the cherry flavor of Ecuador. And it has a color named after it! It's not red, and it's not orange, but something in between. It's a good color. It's the color of the shirt I'm wearing. I like this color, and so it is the name of this post.

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