Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vegetable Garden Planning

Since February I've been staring out through rainy windows at my nearly empty raised beds and planning my spring/summer vegetable garden. I want to grow the vegetables that Brian and I like to eat the most of so that we don't let any of our crop go to waste. Basil, lettuce, and kale (hello, kale chips!) are a given for us, but I also decided that I want to grow carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, and some winter delicata squash, which I discovered last fall is delicious! 

So all through the rainy spring I've been plotting my garden, waiting for my chance to get started. The perk of being a farmer's daughter is that I have endless access to plants! The downside is that I had to wait until I could make a trip to Bellingham to see my family, and stock up on veggie starts. So here we are, mid-May, at the dawn of a dazzling and warm spring, and I finally made it up to my parents' nursery to raid the greenhouses and fill my personal order. I even picked up a few extra add-ons, like cilantro, catnip, and a little coffee tree for my house. Let the planting begin! Well, as soon as I get back to Portland next week...

What will soon become my vegetable garden!

Me and my Daddy. <3 
Meet my new coffee plant. 
This is my dad's dog, Roscoe.
He thinks he's really important.

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