Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crystal Pendants

On Next Trend, France
On Natalie Off Duty, New York City
On Jestem Kasia, Poland
On Calico, Portland, OR
I have been loving crystal pendant necklaces for quite some time now, and over the years I've collected a few. I have a simple fluorite crystal that I bought for myself as a birthday present last July to help restore balance to my life; a cluster of charms that represent me, including a clear quartz crystal, which I made about four years ago; and from my mom a blue glass and silver poison vessel with a moonstone on top, which isn't really a crystal but looks like one (all pictured together above). It's been intriguing to see crystal pendant necklaces appearing on fashion blogs around the world the past month or so. They bring a grounded, earthy vibe to an outfit, and I feel like I'm carrying around an intense power close to my heart all day long when I wear them.

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