Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grandma's Girl

On me: handmade dress by Holly Stalder; cardigan by H&M
This is me and my 91-year-old grandmother, Rosebud, at my cousin's wedding last year just before her 90th birthday. My grandma was a big part of my life growing up– we made cookies and played cards together in her condo; she was my after school chauffeur, driving me to dance classes, soccer practice, cello lessons, and whatever else I was up to; and most importantly, she taught me how to sew. In high school I entertained her with my outfits (like the time I was wearing neon fishnets underneath ripped jeans because I was going to a school dance after dinner, and she thought I had dressed up in a costume for her birthday), but she always encouraged me to express myself. Over the years I've been collecting things from her, and I love and cherish everything she has shared with me, from vintage slips and her mother's costume jewelry, to antique teacups and how-to-sew-everything books from the 1950's. Perhaps the most special gift I've received from her is her name (my middle name is Rose, after her), but I am, however, still waiting for those fur coats and lucite purse. ;) She's still healthy and strong for her age–she drives at night and goes to aerobics every week! She is so special to me, and I try to spend time with her whenever I can. I'm so excited to see her next month when I go visit my family!

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