Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown Tarot has entered my life. I had been craving getting into tarot, but no cards I had come across until I met these really spoke to me at all. And these ones are so gorgeous! I could just flip through the deck and look at them all day long. I'm having fun getting to know the deck and playing with giving readings. The journey begins...

I love this little suede fringe pouch that a friend gave me for my birthday. It's been the perfect new home to keep my cards in. This is the first ever 3-card spread I did for myself the day I got it!

Above are a few of my favorite cards, though they are all so beautiful. The Strength card in particular I really love, being a Leo with the middle name Rose and all. ;)

If you're interested and on the West Coast, tomorrow is the start of The Wild Unknown Tarot Tour! Dates, locations, and details are below. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to any of these lovely events because I am doing other amazing things (like going sailing and being a part of my best friend's wedding). Check out their website and blog for further inspiration! And let me know if you want to drink wine and read cards with me sometime.

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