Monday, July 30, 2012

Chevron Friendship Bracelets

I recently learned how to make friendship bracelets again (thank you $5 Fridays at Collage), and now I can't stop making them! They are a fun, casual summertime project, something you can make with friends while sprawled out on the grass in the sunshine. I have made some to give to friends, and some to layer on myself as the perfect summer accessory.

I know this tutorial looks like there are a bazillion steps, but there actually aren't. I just wanted to be really thorough and take a lot of pictures for those visual learners out there!

1. Supplies: 3-5 different colors of embroidery thread, scissors, and a safety pin.  2. Measure and cut a wingspan's length of each color of thread.  3. Fold strands in half to find the middle, and tie a knot to make a loop about two inches down.  4. Stick a safety pin through the knot and secure to your pants, a pillow, whatever (you can also tape it to a table).  5. Separate the strands so there is one of each color on each side, and arrange them symmetrically so the colors are in the same order on each side.  6. Starting on the left side, take your outermost strand (blue) and cross it over your second strand (white) to create a number "4" shape.  7. Tuck the blue behind the white, and pull through the middle of the "4" shape.  8. Pull your knot tight up to the top, and then tie a second knot exactly like the one you just made.  9. Now repeat steps 6, 7, & 8 on the next strand (teal, then purple) until all strands on the left side have two knots each.  10. To make the right side, make a backwards "4" with the blue strand, tuck around the back of the white strand and up through the middle of the "4" and pull tight to the top. Tie two knots on each strand until the two blue strands have met in the middle. (You are essentially creating a mirror image of what you did on the left side.)  11. This step is really important! Now with the two blue strands in the middle, cross the left strand over the right to make a "4."  12. Tuck the left blue strand around the back of the right strand and pull through the "4." 13. Pull this knot tight and then make one more (they are exactly like all of the other knots.) You've made your first chevron!  14. Repeat steps 6-13 with the white strand, which is now on the outside, and keep creating more chevrons until you have a full bracelet. When it's long enough, tie a knot in the end and it's ready for wear!

The number of strands/colors you use determines how wide your bracelet will be. Here are examples of bracelets I made with 3, 4, and 5 different colors and the widths they produce. I think I like four colors the best.

Happy bracelet making!


  1. So pretty!Such a cute bracelets!Love how you can mix and match your favorite colors :)

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