Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday #24

I flew into Bellingham last night, watching the orange and blue sunset on the horizon the whole way. Standing outside the airport waiting for my dad to pick me up, I spent a few moments breathing in the heavy marine air that I miss so much in Portland. I woke up this morning to my mom's beautiful garden, the bay, chickens, cats, this beautiful arrangement of birthday roses (roses for Rhiannon Rose!), a British birthday song voice mail, fresh blueberries and Bagelry bagels for breakfast, and this sweet little birthday gift from my mom. This ring and necklace are made from old typewriter keys!

Not a bad way to start my 24th year, right? Today I'm having a picnic at the farm with my family who is in town from Florida (that's actually why I am in Bellingham, to see them), taking my cousins to the outdoor pool where I worked for six years through high school and college summers, and having dinner with everyone at my dad's house.


  1. lovely necklace! xx

  2. Sweet birthday! Mine is coming up too, 2 August! You know, a trip to Bellingham for me is being planned soon enough. It turns out my friend Kjell who is from Olympia has a few friends living there and says Bellingham is "really great." My step bro went through there recently on tour with his band, and surprisingly (as he's kind of a city guy) liked it a lot. Also, a new friend I met watching a show in a field, sitting on a giant haybale and looking up at the stars just came through Bellingham on her way back from Alaska.. her opinion was also a positive one. ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES

    Stay well!

    - Hudson

    1. Hudson, you have got to make it to Bellingham one of these days because you would love it! It's a very special place.