Thursday, May 3, 2012

Organizing with Vintage Cases

Closet storage 
Office storage
Confession #1: I have a small obsession with vintage suitcases, train cases, toiletry cases, hat boxes, and other pretty vintage things that you put stuff in. 
Confession #2: I have a lot of stuff. Personally, I would rather look at my pretty cases instead of my stuff, which is why I love using them for storage and organization. They are really great for compartmentalizing, and way more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than big plastic tubs or shoe boxes. And I think they stack just as well. 

Hat boxes are great for scarves, and hats, obviously. Train and toiletry cases are perfect for accessories and small items, since they usually have trays or built in pockets. I have minimal drawer space in my desk, so I use this green train case to keep all of my stationary and office supplies organized. I have a vintage filing case and other boxes and such that I store all of my art and jewelry supplies in. Suitcases can be helpful for storing seasonal items, like sweaters or holiday decorations. One of my suitcases serves as a costume box– but let's be honest, isn't my closet one big costume box?

Some of my other favorite vintage cases

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